A Little Bird Sings

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Hello, world.  Welcome to the blog of one little mama bird, building a nest from scraps, to make a home on the WebNet.

I am an enthusiast of many, many things, mostly parenting and all the wildness that comes with it, cleaning, cooking, crafting, frugality, DIY-ing, laughs, exercise, gardening, learning, teaching, giving.

Tonight, as with all other nights, before I tuck my little birds into bed, I read to them.  Father bird asked me to read a bit of Shakespeare, ‘All The World’s A Stage’; I’d never actually read that (poem?) before, but I love reading Mr. S’s work aloud, so I launched into it, full voice.  That Serious Performance voice quickly turned to giggles because that piece is so hilarious!  William sure did have a way with humor.  BigLittle bird heard the word ‘shank’ and fell to pieces pretending to stab me (funny and morbid, he’s obsessed with pantomiming shanking right now… a phase he will grow out of, just like all the other weird stuff he’s mimicked!), and pretty much ignored the rest of the poem.  Littlest bird, (at 8, he’s the youngest by 13 days), enjoys hearing the poems, and will actually sit quietly in contemplation of the words and rhythms. The book I found at our local library (long live public libraries) is fantastic, it’s full of wonderful classic and modern poems by a variety of wordsmiths.  You can find the Barefoot Book of Classic Poems at amazon.com.

I highly recommend it!

Reading poetry to kids is rewarding, they might not like it at first, but with a proper voice and rhythm, it becomes engrossing and thoroughly enjoyable.  As I understand it, reading aloud to kids helps them speak and read better, and encourages them to communicate audibly and verbally better.

My mother read to me at bedtime as a child, and I can still hear her voice reading quietly to me from picture books and novels, and especially the beautifully illustrated Childcraft books.  When I was in high school (where she taught math classes), I would fall asleep in Geometry class, which I attributed to her lecture voice lulling me to sleep!  A strange consequence of being read to, but certainly didn’t turn me off of reading!  Because my mother read to me, I became a voracious reader, reading above my school level, as my own BigLittle bird does now!  A bit heavy on the Fantasy genre side, but so did I, until I grew up a bit.

Now the birddog is sleeping beside me, and my first blog post is done.  Good night, rest easy.