A Little Bird Told Me …

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Tonight, I’d like to talk about water.  Yes, water. Thanks to Father Bird’s cousin in California, I have been drinking only water this month (with the exception of two small cups of tea); I have managed to give up my daily coffee habit, and a regular alcohol habit.  No soda (which I very rarely drank anyway), almost no tea.  Cousin dear challenged all her facebook acquaintances to drink only water this month, for a health exercise.  I have no idea how many of them kept with it, but I am proud of myself and impressed with how well I’ve been doing with this. I feel more alert, especially in the evenings, with no liquid caffeine. I say liquid because I do eat a fair bit of chocolate, something like a half bar of dark chocolate a day.  I had been having at least one cup of strong coffee a day, sometimes more, especially if i got gas station coffee (gag), or coffeeshop money bombs.  From now on, though, no more than one a week, out, hopefully with a friend.  I will be a social drinker, haha.  Social coffee drinking seems like it would be a good solution to not slip back into an addiction habit cycle, with coffee and alcohol.  No more half-glasses of wine while I cook dinner (or lunch!).  Sticking to water and green smoothies at home will be darn good for me.

In February, I’ll try giving up dairy as well.  I went without for so long when my family lived in northwest Washington state, which was generally much healthier than southwest Missouri is.  I did everything from scratch, mostly vegan and organic, for so long, I think I’ve earned a microwave.  I know I can do it, ‘frontier woman style’, washing clothes by hand and all.  I guess I didn’t have to haul water … Anyway, I’m enjoying my microwave. Now I am working toward finding the Ozarks balance between uber-healthy WA and down-home MO.

The dairy-free challenge, combined with the new drinks habit, should help me greatly in losing the 10-15 pounds I gained this fall and winter.  I also have a calendar set up to track exercise, writing and drawing practice, as well as the daily food and drink habits. I’m excited!  I turn into a 28 year old next month, and I plan to be a new woman by then.  Slave no longer to drink and snack!

A dream of eating cake and sipping coffee at a tiny boutique teashop cafe in the trendy neighborhood consumes me sometimes.  Feeling dainty and lovely instead of rough and bloated makes me much happier.  Free of fear from disease, quick and light on my feet, ready to run at a moments whim, jump and spin, laugh and sing, I used to run through the wood on trails worn by countless souls, up the hill in the park… I long to be that again, and share it with others again.


A man, living in a large city on the west coast, shivers in his sleeping bag.  Supposedly rated for 20 degree weather, perhaps not continually for months, the tough material began wearing thin weeks ago.  A dream filled his head once, of living free, without ties, in the urban wild; here he is, and has been, and it is everything he dreamed, and more.  More boredom than he had imagined possible, filling his time meeting and talking with the creatures around him, wherever he goes, causing little trouble, provoking thoughts and discussion.  The drugs he played with once have become mundane, and now he thrives on connection to all things, to that one thing that is all things, that ties it all together, that place in his mind, reached only by quiet contemplation, that little voice, roaring in his ears.

A city of tents, torn apart and confiscated by insects in riot gear; a quiet community living freely under a troll bridge becomes a toll booth separating them from their only shelter.  Banded together through circumstances innumerable, different and varied, but ending up with them all pitching in together, roughing it and attempting to survive


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