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Today while avoiding doing any actual work, I clicked around to LifeHacker, and found an article about Tetris and positive habits.

There are many things listed here that I try to do daily, such as acts of kindness, celebrating small victories, and being mindful of my mind.  I was in a bad mood yesterday as I walked around the local mega-chain store, looking for beads.  I saw someone walk by and thought something nasty and mean, immediately stopped, closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and apologized to them, in my head.  I said that I was sorry, and that I loved them.  Total stranger, just minding her own business, but I, in my crankiness, sent negative energy toward her, realized what I’d done, redacted it and sent love her way.  It made me feel better, and made me much more mindful of my thoughts throughout the rest of the evening.

I love learning about the human brain; the more I know about the actual processes, the better I am able to change bad habits and create positive new ones!

Speaking of good habits, I have been totally rocking my family’s food plan and grocery list.  This week, I used BigOven to find some recipes based on our daily meal themes, make a plan on the calendar, then compile a grocery list per meal, which I then added to my master grocery list.

The end result had 8 sections – five were actual meals, one listed lunchbox foods my son needed replenished, another listed all the ‘extra’ items, multi-use stuff like oatmeal and oil, and vitamins.  I used the last box to write a title and date of the trip all fancy-like.

The actual grocery shopping trip was not as elegant as my list was, in fact, it was pretty chaotic.  I had been going to the mega-chain to get everything in one trip, but now we are boycotting buying groceries from them because they’re trying to build another new store in the lovely downtown area, thus far untainted by their corporate evil-ness.  If said store was built, it would most likely run the other smaller grocery stores out of business!  One of the best salad bars in town is located in one of them, right off the square, so there’s no way I’m going to contribute to their demise!

Anyway, I loaded up my 8 year old bird, all my reusable shopping bags, my list, and myself into our minivan.  We stopped at the natural grocery first to get coconut and hemp milks, bean thread noodles,  and chocolate (very important.).  That’s always harrowing, even though they’ve expanded, it still  has the feel of a tiny little place, and little bird was being a little booger the whole time.  We got out without incident, stopped at chai latte and cocoa shack, then headed across town to the bigg-o grocery store.

This place is massive.  It’s as big as some warehouse membership grocery places I’ve seen, but is just a regular ol’ grocery store.  It has the best and biggest produce department in town, and we had fun poking at the jackfruit and other exotic fruits.  Little bird, now hopped up on cocoa as well as just being 8, was running the cart into people and things, seeing what happened if he pulled on the scale as hard as he could (“I think I broke it..”), and just generally not listening to anything I said.  We eventually got done with everything but the frozen vegetables (which we eat for lunch if there are no supper leftovers), when we ran into a very nice older gentlemen giving out samples of salsa and chips.  Little bird loves free samples, so he immediately planted himself in front of the booth and said, “Yes, please, I would like some salsa.” (he’s so polite to anyone that is not his mother!) We both stopped for a few minutes to chat about salsa and the day and the people, and had a very nice little time there.  The salsa was actually amazing and Little bird was gushing about how great the sea salt chips were (“Those sea salt chips really helped me calm down!”), so we got a container of artichoke garlic salsa and a bag of chips, said our thank you very much-es, and went toward the frozen aisle to collect the rest of our groceries.

All said, I only deviated from my list on the salsa (I was going to buy tortilla chips anyway), and some locally-made yogurt.  As we maneuvered out of the confusing parking lot, Little bird commented, “I think that guy should get a thumbs-up!”  I agreed.