TV Show Characters Don’t Always Drink Coffee …

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But when they do, it’s usually in a HUGE cup!

look at that enormous cup!

from ABC’s Castle

Castle is the biggest offender.  Last season it seemed like every show opened with Rick bringing Kate an enormous cup of coffee.  This season is a little better, they spend more time in the precinct drinking mugs from the espresso machine.  The mug sizes there are pretty big too.

The other night, as I watched Once Upon a Time, when Snow White and Prince Charming had gotten some cups of coffee from Granny’s Diner, I was delighted to see their cups were a reasonable 12oz size.

"Ah, decently sized cups of coffee."

ABC’s Once Upon A Time

It may seem a silly thing to pay any attention to, but portion sizes in popular television shows does have an impact on the viewers.  If you see your favorite character drinking an over-sized cup of sugary coffee drink, then see a McDonald’s ad for their crappy McCafe drinks, you’re probably more likely to get a bigger size next time you get one at all.

Try it!  The next time you watch your favorite show, pay attention to how the sizes of their portions.  You might be surprised!


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