Best Library Books of the Week



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ImageThis.  This book wins first prize for the month of February.

My personal favorite author, Jasper Fforde, delivers again with the seventh installment of his fantastic Thursday Next series.


The complex storyline, silliness, and smooth writing come together to purr inside the reader’s brain like a fluffy white cat lazing in a sunny window.

Last week, I read Jasper Fforde’s book The Last Dragonslayer, a young adult novel.  It was equally fantastic, and I wish he had been writing these books when I was a young adult!  I can, and will read them as he writes them now.  It was totally last week’s book of the week!

When I visit the library, I pick up whatever books I have on hold.  I also look through the graphic novels and comic books.  Today I picked up a couple superhero ones, XMen and Green Lantern; last week I picked up a book called Chicken With Plums, by Marjane Satrapi.  I read and loved her autobiographical novel Persepolis a few years ago, so when I saw this on the shelf I grabbed it and added it to my stack.

A hilarious series I discovered recently by Joann Sfar, Lewis Trondheim, and Manu Larcenet, called Dungeon, is thoroughly enjoyable.

As a former Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast, this satiric look into the ‘Dungeon Attraction’ makes me happy on so many levels.  My kids and I enjoy the Sardine series by Sfar and Emmanuel Guibert, so this was another book I just picked up without flipping through, because I knew it would be good!

Lastly, this week, I nabbed a comic rendition of Douglas Adams’ HItchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  I love love love this kooky series, and I love love love when books I love are made into comics!

From radio show to novel to tv series to movie to comic, this Guide has the look and feel of a comic strip, with the Guide entries in spazzy colorful splashes.  I can tell I will enjoy this!

Comics and graphic novels offer a great story packed in a smaller reading format, for quicker absorption and enjoyment.  I love reading these around whatever longer novel I’m reading, for lovely little jaunts into fantasy, or mystery, or horror, or a real biographical story.

I’m in it for the stories, which get all jumbled up in my brain, mixing with my own memories, to make me into a more Human human. ❤